white laminated board decking with red beams

FastRak Extra Shelf with White Laminated Board Decking

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Replace worn out or damaged shelves on FastRak™ heavy-duty bulk storage shelving with FastRak™ Extra Shelves featuring White Laminated Board Decking. Shelves are sturdy and reliable while also easy to clean. Also available with 3/4" Particle Board Decking.
Shelf Size 72"W x 18"D - 1,800 lb/Level
SKU FXL-7218

Customer Reviews

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Tom Walker
Functions great though a little different than prior purchase

The shelving function great and hooks up to my existing shelving units, though I was disappointed that the 2" thick shelf was unavailable and that the color had been changed from red to orange. It didn't keep me from buying them but I did have to do some extra work to swap out existing shelves to hide the odd color in the back.

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