Benefits of Laminated Decking (TFM) Over Standard Particle Board Decking

When it comes to industrial shelving, there are a number of different decking options. When selecting the decking for your industrial shelving, you will need to take your specific needs into account. Load capacity, type of item stored, visibility, durability and cost are all considerations before choosing what type of industrial boltless shelving you should purchase.

 When it comes to white laminated decking (TFM) we have complied with a list of reasons where it is advantageous. Here are some benefits of white laminated decking (TFM) over standard particle board decking:

  1. Durability: TFM is known for its excellent durability. The thermally fused melamine resin provides a hard, scratch-resistant surface that can withstand regular wear and tear better than standard particle board. It is less prone to chipping, cracking, and moisture damage.
  2. Moisture resistance: TFM has superior moisture resistance compared to standard particle board. The melamine resin used in TFM provides a protective barrier against water, helping to prevent swelling, warping, and damage caused by moisture absorption.
  3. Scratch and stain resistance: TFM offers improved scratch and stain resistance compared to standard particle board. The melamine resin forms a hard surface that is more resistant to scratches, making it ideal industrial shelving decking.
  4. Easy to maintain: The smooth surface of TFM makes it easier to clean and maintain, as stains are less likely to penetrate the material. Simply wipe clean with a moist cloth. TFM typically creates less dust when compared with standard particle board decking for a cleaner area.
  5. Aesthetics: White laminated particle board decking (TFM) provides a more attractive look compared to particle board decking.

 It's important to note that TFM decking may be more expensive than standard particle board due to its enhanced properties and appearance. However, the benefits it offers in terms of durability, moisture resistance, and aesthetics can make it a worthwhile investment depending on your specific needs.

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