Finding the Best Industrial Shelving for Your Business

When it comes to industrial shelving there are without a doubt, lots of options! Finding the right industrial shelving depends on a number of factors beyond size and capacity requirements. Let us help you find the best industrial shelving for your business.

What is the size of your product or material?

Knowing exactly what type of products or materials you will be storing is the natural place to start. Space saver boltless shelving or wire shelving are both solid choices for lightweight product or materials. Each style features an easy to assemble design without the use of special tools. Both boltless shelving and wire shelving come in a variety of sizes and configurations to best suit your needs. Space saver boltless shelving with particle board decking offers up to a 600 lb. shelf capacity when you choose the heavy-duty version. Chrome wire shelving features a slightly less 500 lb. shelf capacity. Both are ideal for use in offices, for inventory storage and in supply rooms.

For heavier product or bulk sized items, we recommend bulk boltless shelving, FastRak bulk rack or pallet rack. Our bulk, heavy duty boltless shelving offers a shelf capacity of up to 1500 lb., in dimensions spanning up to 96”W x 48”D.  FastRak is a great choice for over-size items in a warehouse setting if you will be hand stacking. Pallet Rack offers the most capacity and is R-Mark Certified.

What is the type of product you are storing?

Depending on the material or product you will be storing, the decking is just as important as the actual industrial shelving. Particle board decking is the most popular and for many materials works well. It is also the most economical decking. More sensitive items such as electronics or computer components benefit from air circulation which is when we recommend either wire shelving or boltless shelving with wire decking. Wire decking helps to prevent the buildup of dust and debris with increased air flow. Looking for decking where you can easily slide boxes across? Our white melamine is for you! Plus, white melamine decking wipes clean with a damp cloth depending on the spill or stain.

Where is your storage space located?

If you are building out a warehouse, this question is of less concern. Warehouses are often easily accessible with plenty of room for building shelving units. However, if you are updating a supply room or outfitting a commercial pantry, you need to ensure that you will have enough space to construct your industrial shelving. Or that after it is constructed, it will be able to fit through the door into the storage room. People often take into account the finished size of their boltless shelving or industrial wire shelving without thinking of the space needed to construct it. Measuring is important! Keep in mind our measurements are nominal. Boltless shelving is engineered for a flat service. If your floor is not level, we recommend checking if our industrial wire shelving would work instead as it comes with levelling feet.  Both boltless shelving and industrial wire shelving provide accessibility from all 4 sides.

 Environments with moisture or that are exposed to any elements place additional stress on industrial shelving. If you plan on using any industrial shelving outside of a dry environment, please call us or chat with us on our website for our recommendations.

How are you stacking?

Hand stack or machine load does make a difference! Boltless shelving, wire shelving and FastRak are designed for hand stacking. Whereas pallet rack is designed for loading via motorized device.

If you have any additional questions about what type of industrial shelving or decking would best suit your needs please feel free to call us at 1-800-BUY-RACK or use the chat feature on our website.

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