NSF Wire Shelving: What it is and Why it Matters

Beyond dimensions and capacity, it can be difficult to know which industrial wire shelving will best suit your needs. Often available in chrome or black, industrial wire shelving is typically easy to both maneuver and assemble and is aesthetically pleasing. However, certain industries require NSF certified wire shelving. What is NSF certified wire shelving and how do you know if your business requires it? What is the difference between NSF certified wire shelving and regular wire shelving? Let’s explore these questions.

NSF Certified Wire Shelving:

To be NSF certified, products must pass a rigorous set of safety standards by the NSF. As industrial wire shelving is frequently used in both food and medical services, it is paramount it is constructed of safe materials. As industrial wire shelving helps reduce the buildup of rust and debris thanks to the wire design it is natural choice for many the food, medical and tech industries. NSF certification is taking safety a step farther. The NSF, which stands for National Sanitation Foundation, sets safety standards for a wide range of products. Using NSF certified wire shelving means the shelving units have been thoroughly evaluated by an independent body, not the manufacturer, to ensure that they are constructed of suitable materials for food and or medical safety.

Different NSF Certifications:

It is important to note that there are different types of NSF certifications for wire shelving, dry and wet.  NSF certified wire shelving for dry storage is offered by BuyRack and means the wire shelving is safe for both food and medical products when used in a dry environment. Think pantries, supply rooms, or grocery displays.

Selecting the Correct NSF Certified Wire Shelving:

If you will be storing medical supplies, food or food equipment (pots, pans, etc.) NSF certified wire shelving is almost certainly required. Using NSF certified wire shelving ensures that nothing harmful from the shelving comes into contact with your products. To select the best wire shelving for your business it is important to first know and understand where and how the wire shelving unit will be used. Dry certified wire shelving cannot be safely used in wet environments. Also keep in mind, raw food cannot be directly stored on NSF certified dry wire shelving. Instead, any raw food items must be placed in the proper container before being stored on the shelving unit. Be sure to use the industrial wire shelving that best suits the needs of your business.

Other Considerations:

High-quality industrial wire shelving is constructed specifically for use in a variety of industries with sensitive materials such as healthcare, electronics, and food service. Always be sure there are not additional storage requirements set in place by local governing bodies and that the wire shelving you select meets all requirements.


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