The Advantages of FastRak Bulk Shelving

FastRak bulk shelving is a great storage solution for warehouse and other industrial settings. FastRak bulk shelving provides a multitude of benefits over other types of storage solutions. Below are just some of the advantages to using FastRak bulk shelving.

  1. Increased Storage Capacity: FastRak bulk shelving systems are designed to maximize storage space by efficiently utilizing vertical space. FastRak provides high-density storage, allowing you to greatly increase your storage capacity by taking advantage of vertical space. At BuyRack, we offer upright heights ranging from 3’ – 12’.
  2. Easy Access: FastRak bulk shelving systems are accessible from the front or back of the unit making it easier to locate and retrieve items as needed, for increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Versatility: Our FastRak bulk shelving offers shelves are height adjustable in 2” increments. Adjustable shelves enable you to create custom storage configurations based on your unique requirements. You can adjust the shelf heights to create specific compartments, shelves of varying heights, or even remove shelves entirely to accommodate oversized items. This level of customization allows for efficient organization and quick retrieval of product.
  4. Durability and Strength: Our FastRak bulk shelving units offer high shelf capacities, making this industrial shelving ideal for storing larger and heaving items.
  5. Organization and Inventory Control: By using FastRak Bulk Shelving, you can keep your items well-organized, making inventory management more efficient. Clear visibility and accessibility contribute to better stock control and a faster pick process.
  6. Cost-Effective: Investing in FastRak bulk shelving system is often more cost-effective compared to other storage solutions because adjoining units can be added by sharing a common upright. The ability to purchase add-on units makes for a stronger, more rigid at a lower overall cost.
  7. Scalability: If your storage needs change over time, bulk shelving systems can be easily reconfigured to fit your changing needs. You can add or remove shelves, adjust shelf position, or extend the system to accommodate evolving storage requirements.

 When it comes to industrial shelving solutions, you have a lot of options. But few offer the combined advantages of FastRak bulk shelving!

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