Why Every Business Can Benefit from Boltless Shelving

Commercial and industrial operations alike often require storage solutions that allow for efficient and organized inventory of equipment, tools, merchandise, and more. There are many different storage solutions to consider, based on available space, budget, and need, but one option that is often superior on every level is boltless shelving

Ease of Assembly

As the name implies, boltless shelving has no bolts, meaning that it requires no tools for assembly. How, then, does it hold together and perform needed functions?

Also known as rivet shelving, the design of this storage solution includes solid steel framing, with vertical corner pieces featuring keyholes that rivets on the shelving platforms slot into. When assembled, this makes for a sturdy structure on which to place particle board or wire rack shelves, depending on your preference.

Boltless shelving is relatively lightweight and extremely easy to assemble, disassemble, position, and expand as needed. It is ideal for any operation that has to account for inventory fluctuations annually, seasonally, or on the fly, and that requires versatile use of space.


Boltless shelving is strong and durable, which makes it a great addition to any retail, warehouse, or other business setting. Solid steel construction is built to last, and the addition of either ½" particle board decking, ½" white laminated board decking, or black wire mesh decking ensures that your shelving units can bear the weight of even heavy inventory, including merchandise or needed equipment and tools for your operation.

Versatility is important when it comes to storage solutions, and boltless shelving systems allow almost endless potential configurations to suit your storage needs. For starters, shelves are adjustable in 1.5-inch increments to allow you to determine how many shelves you want to add on a single unit and how far apart you want them spaced.

With the aid of additional hardware to join two corner pieces together, you can make shelving racks taller, but you need to be careful to abide by weight restriction so as not to increase risk factors for tipping or collapse of the unit. These shelving units also lack sways, crossbars, and other impediments, which means they offer access to inventory on all sides.

Even if you place them side to side or back to back, you’ll have very little trouble reaching stored items. Boltless shelves offer incredible versatility, so you can add, subtract, or rearrange storage to suit your particular needs.

Cost-Effective Storage

Implementing organized storage solutions for your business can quickly become a pricy undertaking, but boltless shelving is incredibly cost effective, not only because it is comparatively affordable, but because of the extraordinary versatility and durability you’ll enjoy. Whether you’re using it to store supplies, merchandise, business records, or tools for your business, you’ll gain no shortage of benefits when you choose boltless shelving.

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