Why Powder Coating Matters

When it comes to industrial products, including industrial shelving, the term “powder coated” or “powder coating” is often used. Products with a powder coating can cost a little more than those without a powder coating, but is it worth the additional expense? Let’s explore powder coating and why it is frequently used for industrial applications such as industrial shelving.


What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process where several ingredients, including resins and polymers, are mixed, melted down, and ground into a powder. After the powder state is achieved, a unique process called electrostatic spray deposition is used to apply the powder to the product or material most often with a spray gun. An electrostatic charge allows the powder to “stick” to the metal, such as steel. Once the powder coating has been applied, the entire product or metal is placed in a special oven which “bakes” the powder into a durable coating. This curing process relies on heat to produce a chemical reaction and set the powder coating.


What Powder Coating Does

The powder coating process results in a tough, durable finish that is resistant to chips, scratches, and rust, making it ideal for use in a number of different industries and applications. This is not to say that items with a powder coated finish will not rust or scratch.  No finish can prevent the wear and tear that comes with long-term use. However, products with a powder coating finish last much longer than those painted or left in their raw state. From an economic standpoint, purchasing a powder coated product may cost slightly more upfront, but due to the lifetime value, is a more cost-effective choice in the long run.


Popular Uses

Chances are you use powder coated items every day without a second thought. Originally used in industrial settings and applications, powder coating is now used for a comprehensive range of consumer products, from small kitchen appliances to bike frames to car rims. For commercial settings, black powder coated wire shelving is found in storage rooms and warehouses from tech companies to medical supply businesses due to its durable finish, sleek design, and overall functionality. Black powder coating wire shelving is also found in retail, a popular choice for both display and inventory.

 Unlike paint, powder coating is a mix of various chemicals and compounds that, when cured, produces a strong, corrosive resistant finish. While a powder coating finish doesn’t apply to all materials, it can extend the lifetime of many metals and the products constructed from them, making it an ideal choice.


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