Why Wire Shelving is Ideal for Tech Companies

From retail to food service, you can find wire shelving across a wide range of industries. It is easy to see why, wire shelving offers numerous benefits compared with other commercial and industrial shelving types. The tech industry is one vertical that is often overlooked regarding wire shelving. So why is wire shelving such a good shelving choice for technology companies? Plenty of reasons. Read on to learn more!

When it comes to commercial and industrial shelving, there are several different options. But most are built for heavier-duty applications such as what is found in warehouse environments. Wire shelving is different. With a unique wireframe design, wire shelving doesn’t come with bulky beams that take up space, or cumbersome decking. These features are applicable to mobile wire shelving units as well. 5-in industrial casters are much stronger when compared with the standard casters that come with many units found in big retailers. A foot-activated braking system helps provide user safety and security to the product being transferred. This is especially important for fragile or sensitive items such as those in the tech industry, including electronics and computer components.

 Just because wire shelving takes up less space than other types of commercial shelving doesn’t mean it lacks strength. While it is lighter duty than most boltless shelving, wire shelving units can still offer up to 500 lbs. of capacity per shelf (depending on the model). Pair the capacity with a large number of configurations and dimensions, and it is easy to build a storage room to perfectly suit your needs.

Wire shelving units are typically available in two different finishes, black powder coating and chrome plated. Both offer unique features. Chrome wire shelving is thought of as more visually appealing. The sleek, chrome finish makes it an attractive shelving option for the tech industry and retail alike. Due to the addition of a center truss which extends with width of the shelf, chrome wire shelving has a higher shelf capacity. That’s not to say that black wire shelving doesn’t come with its own benefits. Powder coating is less expensive than chrome, yet is extremely durable and offers greater corrosion resistance.

 Unlike some industrial shelving, wire shelving units allow light and air to pass in all directions. For many sensitive products or components, air circulation is a must. Particle board decking found on many types of industrial shelving gives off a fine dust which can be problematic for electronic components. Wire shelving eliminates this fine dust with an open air design. No shelving can provide the same amount of air circulation as wire shelving. The same is true for sprinkler systems. Wire shelving allows a more significant reach from sprinkler systems due to the open wire construction. Greater sprinkler coverage equals a safer storage area.

Wire shelving is also resistant to rust. Wire shelving must pass the “towel test” where a towel is run through the nooks and crannies, as these are the areas most prove to rust.

Lastly, simply stated, wire shelving looks great! Unlike other shelving or rack, wire shelving offers a streamlined design that will match the modern look found at many tech companies. Wire shelving differs here, as it is both highly functional, providing years of service while offering a high-tech style.

Wire shelving is easy to move, prevents dust build-up, is resistant to chips and rust, extends the reach of sprinkler systems, increases overall airflow, and looks sleek enough to use in any department, making it the superior storage choice for tech companies!

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