Shelving Peripherals that Save You Big Time

Whether you’re just installing a few upright shelving racks to organize your retail storage or office space, or you’re outfitting an entire warehouse with hundreds of industrial shelving units to house a massive stock of inventory, you’re going to make an investment that you want to protect. One of the best ways to do that is to take steps to make sure your industrial shelving is as durable and efficient as possible.

Granted, industrial shelves are built tough to last, and features like adjustable racks and open shelving add to convenient and efficient use. However, there are also a variety of peripheral add-ons that give your shelving a bit of extra toughness and stability where you need it most, as well as the opportunity increase efficiency and even salvage a unit should minor damage occur. Here are just a few of the important shelving peripherals that could save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

All of these details will determine the type of workbench you choose and the features that will create the greatest ease of use for employees. Here are just a few factors you’ll want to consider when selecting the right workbenches to suit your operations.

Post Frame Guards and Column Protectors

Industrial shelving units are designed to hold up to rough use and even some abuse, but if you bump them a few times with a forklift, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start to dent or bend the frame. This is where

These devices come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and configurations, depending on your needs. Some wrap around posts or columns, some strap on, and some easily lock right into existing infrastructure with rivets designed to snap into standard boltless posts.

Some are solid steel. Others have rubber dampers to absorb shock. All are designed to protect the framework of your shelving from common types of damage to extend the usable life of your product and save you from unnecessary replacement costs.

Shelf Label Holders

There are always going to be those magical, computer-brain savants that seem to know exactly where everything is in a store or warehouse, but in case your human computer takes a sick day, it’s probably a good idea to label racks to increase the efficiency of stocking inventory and finding needed items. Attaching shelf label holders – and then labeling appropriately – is the easiest way to ensure that workers have no trouble finding inventory and that everything gets put in the right place for later retrieval.

Spare Parts

Even with precautions like post guards and column protectors in place, not to mention a cautious attitude that includes careful navigation around shelving and respecting weight limits for racks, you will eventually start to see some amount of wear and tear, if not outright damage. When this occurs, you don’t necessarily want to shell out the dough to replace the entire shelving unit.

Having spare parts such as extra boltless posts, platforms, and framing materials on hand allows you to quickly repair units by replacing only damaged parts. This increases the efficiency of operations and saves you the time and money associated with having to order a brand-new shelving unit.

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