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The Advantages of FastRak Bulk Shelving

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FastRak bulk shelving is a great storage solution for warehouse and other industrial settings. FastRak bulk shelving provides a multitude of benefits over other types of storage solutions. Below are just some of the advantages to using FastRak bulk shelving. Increased Storage Capacity: FastRak bulk shelving systems are designed to maximize storage space by efficiently utilizing vertical space. FastRak provides high-density storage, allowing you to greatly increase your storage capacity by taking advantage of vertical space. At BuyRack, we offer upright heights ranging from 3’ – 12’. Easy Access: FastRak bulk shelving systems are accessible from the front or back...

How to Calculate the Overall Length of a Row of Pallet Rack or Bulk Rack?

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Here’s how to calculate the total length of a row of pallet rack or bulk rack (FastRak). You will need to consider the following factors: Number of upright frames: First, determine the number of upright frames in the row. Each column of the pallet rack upright frame is 3” wide and the FastRak upright frame is 2”. Bay opening: Next, determine the size of each pay opening. This is easy to calculate because our pallet rack beams are available to provide either 8’, 9’, 10’ or 12’ openings and our FastRak beams are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’ or...

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