1000 lb. Capacity Per Shelf

  • Designed for higher capacity applications
  • Economical solution for heavy hand-stack items
  • Quick, easy assembly without special tools
  • Cost efficient yet durable 1/2" particle board decking

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Heavy duty boltless shelving design provides for easy assembly without nuts, bolts or shelf clips. No cross braces are necessary, which makes these boltless shelving units accessible from all four sides. Available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your specific shelving requirements. Includes 1/2" particle board decking. Steel color: Powder coated gray. Find the boltless shelving to meet your needs.

  • Shelves are adjustable in 1.5" increments.
  • Easy to assemble. Accessible from all four sides.
  • Order tie plates to securely connect units.

Shelf Size 48"W x 18"D
Unit Height 6'
Number of Shelves 3 Shelves
SKU B2W-481872-3

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Daniel Schmeckpeper
Nice but not heavy duty

1000lbs/shelf is a stretch. It may hold it but it will be sagging soon. 1/2” press board span 4’ between each stringer will bow badly fast. It has holes for 3 stringers per shelf but only comes with 1 per 8’. I made my own out of wood and will be adding supports vertically in the middle of each shelf.

Kennith Atkinson
Outstanding Product

I intended to buy only 3 of their largest shelves but shipping costs to a residence were outrageous. Ended up buying more shelves & containers to get up to the $1K free shipping level. The shelves are excellent quality! I'm 77 years old with a bad back & shoulder but was able to install 2 6' high x 3' deep x 6' wide shelves & 2 6' high x 3' deep x 4' wide shelves without assistance. Install instructions could be improved though!

Frank Marciano
Delivery is complicated and misleading

I was informed that shelving unit couldn;t be delivered to a residential address without an additional %110.00 charge. So Buy Rack arranged to deliver shelving unit an 1.5 hours away from my house. Today shelving frame showed up to my house and am still waiting for the shelving. I'm not sure when or where I should expect it to show.

Harold Brey, Jr

1000 lb. Capacity Per Shelf

Sean Thayer
As promised

Solid product delivered on time without incident. The shelves are unfinished and I likely would have ordered the frames and purchased the finished shelves from Menards if I would have realized this. Real good steel product.

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