Pallet Rack Starter Unit with Wire Mesh Decking

  • R-Mark Certified Pallet Rack
  • Dual purpose, can be used for hand and machine stack
  • Comes with wire mesh decking ideal for storing a multitude of items
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Featuring all of the same benefits as our Heavy Duty Pallet rack Starter Unit including 3" x 3" columns and 5" x 8" seismic base plates along with mesh decking. The heavy duty uprights on this starter unit feature a 20,867 lbs. capacity and are constructed from 14 gauge steel (heavy duty capacities are based upon a maximum shelf spacing of 36"). A bolt together design provides a lower cost of ownership as components can be easily replaced when damaged during use, while traditional welded uprights require replacement of the entire upright. Pallet rack beams now feature an improved safety clip which allows for easy replacement of damaged clips. Racks are designed for use with a forklift (or other hydraulic or electrical lift) or for heavy duty hand stacking.

Upright Depth 3'
Upright Height 8'
Unit Width 8' - 5340 lb. Capacity/Level
SKU PSM-36096-40096

Customer Reviews

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Phil Johnston
Been a while since I have seen a rack this nice!

Fit and finish are excellent. Assembles with ease.

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