Benefits of Using Rack Covers

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What are rack covers and why should you be using them with your industrial shelving? Rack covers are simply covers that go over your industrial shelving. But why should you use them in your warehouse or commercial space? The following points outline the benefits of using rack covers. Aesthetic Appeal: Rack covers can enhance the overall appearance and organization of equipment installations. They provide a clean and professional look by concealing the contents of the rack, giving a neat and organized appearance to the space. Protection from Dust and Debris: Rack covers help safeguard sensitive equipment and electronics from dust,...

Benefits of Laminated Decking (TFM) Over Standard Particle Board Decking

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When it comes to industrial shelving, there are a number of different decking options. When selecting the decking for your industrial shelving, you will need to take your specific needs into account. Load capacity, type of item stored, visibility, durability and cost are all considerations before choosing what type of industrial boltless shelving you should purchase.  When it comes to white laminated decking (TFM) we have complied with a list of reasons where it is advantageous. Here are some benefits of white laminated decking (TFM) over standard particle board decking: Durability: TFM is known for its excellent durability. The thermally...

Boltless Shelving: Ideal for Storing Small and Large Items

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Boltless shelving, also known as rivet shelving or bolt-free shelving, is a versatile storage solution that offers several advantages for storing both small and large items. Here are the key advantages of using industrial boltless shelving as a storage solution. Easy Assembly: Boltless shelving is designed for quick and straightforward assembly without the need for nuts, bolts, or special tools. Why you purchase industrial shelving from, you can be assured of a quality product as the frame is constructed of high-grade steel. The beams connect to the vertical posts using interlocking rivets which are built into the beams. This...

How to Calculate the Overall Length of a Row of Pallet Rack or Bulk Rack?

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Here’s how to calculate the total length of a row of pallet rack or bulk rack (FastRak). You will need to consider the following factors: Number of upright frames: First, determine the number of upright frames in the row. Each column of the pallet rack upright frame is 3” wide and the FastRak upright frame is 2”. Bay opening: Next, determine the size of each pay opening. This is easy to calculate because our pallet rack beams are available to provide either 8’, 9’, 10’ or 12’ openings and our FastRak beams are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’ or...

Benefits of Black Wire Shelving for Your Business

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For businesses looking to maximize storage space and organization, black wire shelving is a practical and cost-effective solution. Our black wire shelving is made of steel wire that has been coated in a durable black powder coated finish, making it an appealing and functional option for a variety of business settings. Here are a few of the advantages of black wire shelving: Versatile - Black wire shelving can be used in a variety of settings, such as retail stores, warehouses, and offices. Wire shelving is great for storing all types of product such as boxes, bins, and other small items....

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